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Many know me as The Magic Collector and The Taytelbaum Collector. I am a Collector, Buying and Selling. I have been a continuous member of The International Brotherhood Of Magicians (IBM) for over 35 years and a member of The Society Of American Magicians (SAM) for over 25 years as well as other affiliations.

For well over 30 years I have spent countless hours and traveled great distances rooting out and uncovering magic of all types, sometimes saving it from a sad demise of neglect in the hands of laymen unfamiliar with the care impassioned collectors like myself bestow upon our gatherings.

The stories connected with the pursuit could be compiled into a book so numerous are the events and the reader would feel it were fiction for some of the unbelievable happenings along the way.

Even with all the items I have either owned, acquired for others or just having the opportunity of seeing in someoneís collection I still get a thrill when my eyes fall upon something Iíve not seen before.

Living it the way I have and continuing on steadfast with all the pains and pleasures associated, I love what I do.

If you have items you think we might be interested in please contact us for more information From a drawer full to a museum full we handle it all.

Good Luck Bidding and Happy Hunting!

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