Early Marshall Brodien TV Magic Cups

Early Marshall Brodien TV Magic Cups
, Although this is not a high value item, we list it in honor of the late Marshall Brodien who started many a youngster on a wonderful path to magic as a hobby or profession. He was a very kind person to me and I am sure others had the same experience as well. In original box, includes instruction sheet which also has listings of other items you could send away for to the address in Fox Lake, Illinois. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Apparatus Auction page.
Antique European Card Wheel
Antique European Card Wheel, This stands 25 1/2" high and the round part is 15 1/2" in diameter made of wood with 30 wire clips for cards around the circumference. The stand is of metal and the base is of an upright post and 6 1/4" round at bottom. The likely performance is of cards clipped all around with backs out toward the audience and three cards are predicted and the prediction is hung from two hooks on the star design back. The audience is given free selection for three cards which are placed in removable holder with backs out and at the right time the frame holding the cards is removed and the entire wheel stand is turned around showing prediction and the frame holder is turned around showing the cards match! This is an uncommon very Scarce item. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Apparatus Auction page.
Circa 1920's Will Goldston's More Exclusive Magical Secrets
1713 Simon Witgeest Natuurlyk Toverboek, By Simon Witgeest. Natuurlyk Toverboek Of't Nieuw Speel-Tooneel Der Konsten. 1713, 9th Edition, hard bound, 461 pages, illustrated, in Dutch language. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Auction Books and Periodicals page.
Irving The Magician Panel Poster
Irving The Magician Panel Poster 42" x 13 5/8", By Central Printing and Litho Co., Chicago. 42" x 13 5/8". A very interesting and novel image with designs of props and photos from show and stills. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Auction Memorabilia, Ephemera and Posters page.
Rare Circa 20's Conradi Horster Table Model Card In Balloon
Rare Circa 20's Conradi Horster Table Model Card In Balloon, In Brass and made in two parts and sold by Conradi Horster to add to the performers table by mounting bottom solid lug to the underside of tabletop using your own brackets. The beautiful design is of a Lyre Harp for holding a balloon and a simple but elegant heart design on the upright which also functions to conceal the spring mechanism. The height overall is 21" and the width of the harp is 6 1/2". The condition of this Rare piece is amazing and it was well kept and highly thought of by the Collector whose previous ownership it had. You will not likely see one of these again. For more about this visit our Auction page.
1999 Vernon Spinning Coin The Spirit Cut
1999 Vernon Spinning Coin The Spirit Cut, Here you have something that is of interest to Token Coin Collectors as this was a special minting of a Vernon Spinner Coin with small changes and also of interest as a very nice magical effect. The effect is of an ordinary deck of cards (not supplied) having a selection made and returned to the deck. Then the deck is placed carefully atop the coin and slowly turned so it will spin on the coin and in an eerie manner the deck is seen to cut itself and you guessed it, to the selected card! (Vernon smiles.) This was issued as the Millennium Memorial Vernon Spinning Coin. Includes 4 pages of instructions and information also an additional special something and it is NOT invisible thread. For more about this visit our Auction page.
C.M. Bedford Radar Pencil
C.M. Bedford Radar Pencil, A spectator shuffles and ordinary deck of cards (not supplied) and then cuts the deck into two or three piles, he selects a card from any pile and places it under any pile he chooses. He now assembles the deck and performer without touching the deck locates the selected card! The Radar pencil reveals cards that are hidden in a deck that is not touched or handled by performer. This is an early style pencil with protective cap for the point to give you an idea of its vintage. For more about this visit our Auction page.
Brass Vase and Coin with Extra - Netherlands
Brass Vase and Coin with Extra - Netherlands, This beautiful Brass vase stands 2" high and top removed to show empty condition and then top placed back on. A 1977 Dutch 1 Guilder coin is shown and placed beside the vase. The vase is then picked up and placed on top of the coin and the unbelievable happens. The vase is lifted and the coin has vanished! Upon removing the top it is seen that the coin has traveled to its interior! All may be examined. Along with this comes another ungimmicked Brass vase. For more about this visit our Auction page.

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