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 Search Results 
StandardGalleryBeautiful Hamilton Westgate Bowl Production Picture Reserve Not Met$110.001212/15/2019 8:02:00 PM
StandardGalleryCard Or Billet Wheel European Picture$55.00812/15/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGalleryHand Of The Caliph Abbotts Picture$31.00612/15/2019 7:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Style Sliding Die Box Picture$81.001012/15/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Super Magic by Paul Harris Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGallery1997 Isis and Beyond: The Biography of Cecil E. Nixon Picture$57.501012/15/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGallery1996 Harry Anderson Wise Guy Picture$25.00112/15/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 The Amazing World Of Kreskin Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGalleryCy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic Part One & Two-Ganson Picture$11.00212/15/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1959 Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGalleryComedy Mentalism Volumes 1/2/3 By Bob Nelson Picture$27.50512/15/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryHand Crafted Rabbit In Hat Paddle - Netherlands Picture$40.00012/15/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryDai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic-Ganson Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryHand Crafted Spots Paddle - Netherlands Picture$111.99912/15/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 Dai Vernon's Select Secrets Revised & Enlarged Edition Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeautiful 1959 Owen Oriental Die Box Hallmarked Picture Reserve Not Met$435.00612/15/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1920 Gilbert Handkerchief Tricks For Boys Picture$20.00412/15/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryHand Crafted Jumping Peg Paddle - Netherlands Picture$55.99312/15/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Art Of Illusion By Will Ayling-Harry Stanley Edition$20.00112/15/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryDisc Trix Davenports London Picture$10.00012/15/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryRare Circa 20's Conradi Horster Table Model Card In Balloon  Picture Reserve Not Met$105.00312/15/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 Dot's Magic By Bob Mc Allister Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 The Super Show-How To Create It Picture$6.00212/15/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryCollection of Drop Outs Picture$75.00412/15/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryVintage Vase For Transformations & More 17 1/2" Willmann Picture Reserve Not Met$105.00512/15/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGallery2002 Odyssey Of Classic Coin Sleights - Fred C. Baumann Picture$23.00412/15/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGallery1997 Inscribed A Pasteboard Odyssey - Kevin Kelly Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Psychological Mysteries - Edward R. Hutchison Picture$5.00012/15/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGallery1974 Build Your Own Illusions - Jim Sommers Picture$21.00212/15/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryChurch Silk Cabinet Picture$85.00612/15/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryElvira - Germany Picture$32.00312/15/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryMental Epic Hen Fetsch Instructions and Cards Picture$28.50212/15/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1983 Newspaper Magic-Gene Anderson and Frances Marshall Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 The Magic Catalogue - William Doerflinger Picture$10.00012/15/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGalleryDevil Sticks 17" In Wood Picture$21.00212/15/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGallery1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar Picture$23.00212/15/2019 7:07:00 PM
StandardGallery1985 Giant Monte Phil Goldstein Instructions. Picture$60.00512/15/2019 7:07:00 PM
StandardGallery1944 Erdnase-Hoffmann The Expert At The Card Table Picture$50.00212/15/2019 7:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryBob Kline Copenetro Picture$121.00212/15/2019 7:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Mendoza Portfolio No. 1$20.00012/15/2019 7:05:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 1st Edition - The Nixon Manuscript In Book Form Picture$42.50212/15/2019 7:04:00 PM
StandardGalleryHerbie The Mod Duck with Alphabet Cards Picture Reserve Not Met$150.00412/15/2019 7:04:00 PM
StandardGallery1989 Reincarnation By El Duco Picture$28.00412/15/2019 7:03:00 PM
StandardGallery1920 Donald Holmes The Magic Art Autographed Picture$25.00112/15/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGalleryCoin Vanish and Appearance In Jar Plus - Netherlands Picture$45.00412/15/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 The Card Magic of Le Paul Signed 1st Edition Picture$130.00612/15/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGalleryBerlands Thimble Act Picture$25.00212/15/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1954 Card Tricks At-A-Glance by Howard Thurston HB Picture$10.00112/15/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGalleryTake Apart Pom Pom Picture$54.501012/3/2019 8:02:00 PM
StandardGalleryCard Manipulations and More Card Manipulations-Jean Hugard$38.001312/3/2019 7:54:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 Mind Myth & Magick by T.A. Waters 1st Ed Picture$115.001612/3/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallery1972 Herbie Card Duck Reserve Not Met$115.00412/3/2019 7:37:00 PM
StandardGallery3 Sets Melissa & Doug Magic Sets In Custom Cases Picture$60.00312/3/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryJapanese Rods European (Ottokar Fischer) Picture$61.00912/3/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryCy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic 1/2/3 By Lewis Ganson Picture$16.00512/3/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGalleryWalnut Lock Flap Slate Picture$40.001212/3/2019 7:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryJumbo Bicycle ESP Cards - Early Quality Stock$47.50212/3/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGallerySet of 2 Rabbit Prints - Showtime! and After The Show$27.50212/3/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1977 Houdini See Death Defying Feats Poster 20" x 30" Picture$25.00112/3/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGalleryRare Circa 20's Conradi Horster Table Model Card In Balloon  Picture Reserve Not Met$115.00212/3/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 Stars of Magic Series-Synchronicity III$25.00112/3/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1959 Professional Magic Made Easy Bruce Elliott Picture$5.00012/3/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryRun Rabbit Run Picture$103.001012/3/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Vernet Shell Game & Karl Norman Pea Picture$25.00112/3/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 The Secrets of Karl Germain by Stuart Cramer Picture$6.00212/3/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1909 Some Modern Conjuring By Donald Holmes Picture$25.00112/3/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGalleryWooden Stage Size Find The Lady With Case/Easel Picture Reserve Not Met$73.50912/3/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGallery1958 This Is Magic - Will Dexter Picture$5.00012/3/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGallerySad Happy Visible Coloring Clown Picture$17.00312/3/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryDisc Trix Davenports London Picture$10.00012/3/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1954 100 Houdini Tricks By Dunninger-Arco Handi-Books Picture$5.00012/3/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 1st Edition Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic$16.00212/3/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1944 1st Edition For Magicians Only-Robert Parrish Picture$10.00012/3/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Tayade Thimbles Picture$35.50412/3/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGallery1975 Cues For Collectors Edgar Heyl Picture$21.00612/3/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryElectra Picture$10.00112/3/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGallery1998 Come A Little Closer New Edition By John Derris Picture$16.00112/3/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Round Circle Abbotts - Scarce Copper Picture Reserve Not Met$80.00912/3/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L 1930 Model Table Base Unit Picture$25.00312/3/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGallery1960 Steranko On Cards Volume One Picture$30.00212/3/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryVintage Vase For Transformations and More 17 1/2" Picture Reserve Not Met$101.501012/3/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGallery1984 Darwin's Thumb Tip #1 Secrets Picture$11.00212/3/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGallery1986 Thumb Tip Thinking Gary Darwin Picture$10.00112/3/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryScarce Stage Size Massey Frame - Fantastique Picture Reserve Met$115.00712/3/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryElectronic Card Rise Poker Size Picture$35.00412/3/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 Bell's Magic Book Picture$30.00712/3/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1983 The Master Illusionists By Mark Walker Picture$42.50212/3/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGalleryThayer Clingo Billiard Balls Picture Reserve Met$250.001112/3/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1968 Great Magic Shows-Arnold Furst-Autographed Picture$10.00112/3/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGalleryVintage Mechanical Box - European Picture$23.00312/3/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1953 Classic Secrets Of Magic Bruce Elliott Picture$5.00112/3/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion 1st Ed 1985 HB$15.00112/3/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGallery1994 FISM Yokohama Token Picture$10.00112/3/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryHoward Thurston's Card Tricks Picture$12.00212/3/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryEuropean Money Maker Picture$42.50412/3/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryGimmicked Vintage Metal Bowl - European Picture$225.00712/3/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1992 Our Magic by Maskelyne & Devant Picture$19.00512/3/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGalleryCard Box For Holding Deck Picture$20.00112/3/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 Victorian Magic - Geoffrey Lamb Picture$10.00012/3/2019 7:05:00 PM
StandardGallery2001 John Booth - Extending Magic Beyond Credibility Picture$16.00212/3/2019 7:04:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Art Of Illusion By Will Ayling-Supreme Magic Picture$42.50212/3/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGalleryConradi Horster Wandering Blocks - Germany Picture$73.00312/3/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1998 Limited 1st Ed Stodare The Enigma Variations - Dawes Picture$28.00212/3/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGalleryAbbott's Superior Table Picture Reserve Met$222.00612/3/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1990 Creative World of Conjuring - John Booth Picture$16.00212/3/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1945/46/47/48 Tommy Windsor's Dope Sheet Covers Everything!! Picture$65.001411/14/2019 8:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryObedient Ball 2" - Craftsman Wood Turner Made Picture$42.50811/14/2019 7:53:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Lightning Pull For Silks - European Picture Reserve Met$295.001911/14/2019 7:51:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1940's Bean Barrel Davenports London Picture$45.00911/14/2019 7:50:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L Vanishing Alarm Clock Hallmarked Picture Reserve Not Met$225.00611/14/2019 7:46:00 PM
StandardGallery2000 Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man-David Britland-Vol 1 & 2 Picture$75.00811/14/2019 7:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryRedmon Okito Specialty Silk Cabby Picture$52.50211/14/2019 7:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryGlass Of Liquid Production Gimmick Picture$14.50511/14/2019 7:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryGimmick Safety Pins Assortment Picture$11.11211/14/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryUp-To-Date Conjuring Tricks A.H. & Horace Walker Picture$25.00311/14/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryCA 1947 Ed Ralston Coin Box Hallmarked Picture$13.00311/14/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 1st Edition Simply Wizard By Goodliffe Picture$11.11211/14/2019 7:41:00 PM
StandardGalleryVenus Von Milo - Western Germany Picture$30.00511/14/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGallery1990 Top Secret Stuff-The Close Up Magic Of Michael Powers Picture$30.00311/14/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGallery1972 Herbie Card Duck Picture$125.00411/14/2019 7:36:00 PM
StandardGalleryPeerless Nested Boxes - Viking Haenchen Picture$27.50511/14/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryLarge Set Of Cups & Balls Picture$80.00211/14/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryEuropean Candle Vanish Tube Picture$10.00111/14/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery1980 Tannen's Catalog of Magic No.13 Siegfried & Roy Cover Picture$6.00211/14/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Abbott's - The Classic Tear Apart Vanish Picture$30.00211/14/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryRings N Things 10" Linking Rings$60.001211/14/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGallery1960/1961 Zombie The Official Teenage Magic Magazine  Picture$20.00211/14/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1950 Vest Pocket Spirit Slates Picture$11.00211/14/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryGrants Presto Clock Vanish Picture$15.00311/14/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 Magic Explained Walter Gibson Picture$5.00111/14/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 1st Edition Merrill's Knife Book - R.D. Merrill Picture$20.00111/14/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGalleryTenyo Two Styles Cigarette Pulls Scarce Picture$10.00111/14/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Flap Card Box In Mahogany Picture$22.00411/14/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 Miracle Discs Picture$15.00311/14/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGallery1923 Thoughtful Magic - Harry Leat  Picture$11.00211/14/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryGroot Toneel Van Behendigheden 18th Century - Very Scarce$65.00311/14/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryPenny Top - Lincoln Smoking Pipe - 2 Head Penny Picture$5.00111/14/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L 5 of The Human Hen In One Box$45.00511/14/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGalleryCigarette Vanishing Tube - Cigarette To Match Picture$10.00111/14/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGalleryOwens Hank Slash Frame Picture$49.00411/14/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGallery1960's Fantastica Inzani Henley London$25.00111/14/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeautiful Copper Foo Can Picture$66.00311/14/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallerySteel Appearing Cane 34"$15.00211/14/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGalleryLarge Size Double Locking Card Box Picture Reserve Not Met$115.00811/14/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryGwynne Tip Over Vanish & Spring Bunny$58.00711/14/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 1st Edition Ibidem Volume 1 Picture$20.00211/14/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryJumbo Comedy Split Deck - Quality Card Stock$37.00311/14/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGallery 1952 Encyclopedia Of Cigarette Tricks Keith Clark Picture$11.00211/14/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryBerlands Enchanted Holder$15.00211/14/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 The World's Greatest Magic Picture$11.00411/14/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryJapanese Rods European (Ottokar Fischer) Reserve Not Met$20.00111/14/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryDollar Size Thurston Token 39 mm Bronze Picture$25.00511/14/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Gimmicked Tray Coins, Cards Etc.$32.50511/14/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly P&L Reel & Serpent Silk - Hallmarked$40.50811/14/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1958 Blackstone's Secrets of Magic New Revised Edition$12.00111/14/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGalleryMonte Cylinders - European - Scarce$60.00611/14/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGallery1971 Card Tricks For Everyone Ellis Stanyon$5.00111/14/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1972 Ross Bertram Cups - Magic Inc.$125.00411/14/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryMore Magic Professor Hoffmann Picture$25.00111/14/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryFlat Model Money Maker with Underneath Holder$45.00411/14/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 Bell's Magic Book$5.00011/14/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGallerySpecial Lock and Keys with Stand$42.50311/14/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGalleryDai Vernon's Symphony Of The Rings by Lewis Ganson$10.00111/14/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 The Secrets of Karl Germain by Stuart Cramer Picture$10.00011/14/2019 7:07:00 PM
StandardGalleryAbbott's Coin Pail For Miser's Dream$55.00811/14/2019 7:07:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Record Carousel Germany - Micro Magic$65.00311/14/2019 7:06:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 HB John Calvert Magic And Adventures Around The World$21.00211/14/2019 7:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryCanvas Bag with Bar and Padlocks for Escape$45.00211/14/2019 7:05:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 Annemann's Practical Mental Effects Picture$20.00211/14/2019 7:05:00 PM
StandardGalleryPaufler Tutankhamun Reserve Not Met$200.00611/14/2019 7:04:00 PM
StandardGallery1950 1st Edition Scarne On Card Tricks$10.00111/14/2019 7:04:00 PM
StandardGalleryMysto Spirit Slates - Hallmark Stamped$20.00011/14/2019 7:03:00 PM
StandardGallery1953 Classic Secrets Of Magic Bruce Elliott Picture$20.00111/14/2019 7:03:00 PM
StandardGalleryElectronic Card Rise Poker Size Picture$75.00511/14/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic Picture$10.00111/14/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 Our Magic by Maskelyne & Devant$32.00211/14/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 The Magic Ring & Nickels$17.00311/14/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGallery1979 Garcia The Very Best Of Cups And Balls$33.00211/14/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Tenyo T-84 Card Frame$21.00311/14/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGalleryOKorto Box Routine In Penny Size Picture$97.502710/6/2019 9:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryJohnson Products Supreme Card or Bill Tube Picture$95.001910/6/2019 9:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryHartz Card Frame Picture$107.001610/6/2019 8:30:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 The Best of Slydini & More in 2 Volumes Picture$57.501310/6/2019 8:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryClock Vanish with Ringing Mechanics Picture$70.00610/6/2019 8:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryMalini And His Magic by Dai Vernon Picture$42.50910/6/2019 8:24:00 PM
StandardGalleryBlackstone Hand Held Vanishing Birdcage Picture$52.00410/6/2019 8:18:00 PM
StandardGallery1983 My Magic Life - David Devant Picture$21.001210/6/2019 8:12:00 PM
StandardGalleryWatch Box Circa 1950 Picture$20.00710/6/2019 7:58:00 PM
StandardGallery1953 Classic Secrets Of Magic - Bruce Elliott Picture$25.00810/6/2019 7:58:00 PM
StandardGallery1995 John Cornelius Perfect Pocket Trick Picture$25.00710/6/2019 7:53:00 PM
StandardGallery1961 1st Edition Professional Card Magic Cliff Green Picture$82.501110/6/2019 7:50:00 PM
StandardGallery1954 Routined Manipulation Finale by Lewis Ganson Picture$25.001410/6/2019 7:49:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1950 Silk Cabby Picture$27.00110/6/2019 7:49:00 PM
StandardGalleryFlexible Mirror Picture$25.00310/6/2019 7:49:00 PM
StandardGallery1947 Reading Is Believing by Trevor H. Hall$5.00110/6/2019 7:48:00 PM
StandardGallery1961 Stars of Magic 1st Bound Edition Reserve Met$96.85410/6/2019 7:47:00 PM
StandardGallery1951 The Royal Road To Card Magic$10.00110/6/2019 7:46:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeautiful Copper Foo Can Picture Reserve Not Met$30.00410/6/2019 7:46:00 PM
StandardGalleryChrome Metal Disappearing Case - Germany Picture$40.00910/6/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 The World's Greatest Magic$10.00010/6/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 Sleight Of Hand Fleming Classic Edwin T. Sachs Picture$6.00210/6/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallerySwish Silk Intant and Visible Vanish Picture$42.00310/6/2019 7:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryStull Fishbowl Gimmick Rim For Fish Production Picture$31.00310/6/2019 7:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1950 Vest Pocket Spirit Slates Picture$20.00010/6/2019 7:43:00 PM
StandardGalleryThurston's Book Of Magic Library Of Magic Vol 3-JH Grossman $6.00110/6/2019 7:43:00 PM
StandardGallery1957 How To Spot Card Sharps and Their Methods$6.50210/6/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1980 Improved Super Billfoold Picture$40.00310/6/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryGrants Presto Clock Vanish Picture$15.00010/6/2019 7:41:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Bell's Magic Book $5.00110/6/2019 7:41:00 PM
StandardGallery1944 MacDougall-Card Mastery-The Expert At The Card Table$35.00610/6/2019 7:40:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Tenyo T-84 Card Frame Picture$20.00110/6/2019 7:40:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagic Coin Slide Made In Occupied Japan Picture$15.00210/6/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGallery1st Eidition The Magic of the Hands Edward Victor$5.00110/6/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGallery1954 100 Houdini Tricks You Can Do by Dunninger Picture$12.00210/6/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGallery 1952 Encyclopedia Of Cigarette Tricks Keith Clark$20.00010/6/2019 7:37:00 PM
StandardGalleryTenyo Two Styles Cigarette Pulls Scarce Picture$20.00010/6/2019 7:37:00 PM
StandardGalleryDiestel Quality Made Cigarette Dropper - Hallmarked Picture$25.00110/6/2019 7:36:00 PM
StandardGallery1906 Entertaining By Magic Hermann Pallme Picture$20.00110/6/2019 7:36:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Flap Card Box In Mahogany Picture$25.00010/6/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGallery1930 Counters Of Chu Chin - Edward Bagshawe - England Picture$15.00610/6/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryHugh Miller - Al Koran Professional Presentations Picture$17.00310/6/2019 7:34:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 The Secrets of Karl Germain by Stuart Cramer Picture$14.00510/6/2019 7:34:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 Spirits In The House by Chislett Picture$68.00810/6/2019 7:34:00 PM
StandardGallery1966 Germain The Wizard and His Legerdemain Picture$20.00710/6/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 Miracle Discs Picture$20.00010/6/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery1978 Good-Night Mister Dante by Val Andrews Picture$14.00510/6/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery1942 1st Edition The Last Word On Cups and Balls by Joseph$6.00210/6/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallerySpecial Card Tray Picture$21.00310/6/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGallery1956 1st Edition The Best in Magic by Bruce Elliott$55.00510/6/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 Magic with Everyday Objects-Schindler-HB Picture$10.00110/6/2019 7:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1950's Tumble Bug - Scarce Picture$55.00510/6/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryPenny Top - Lincoln Smoking Pipe - 2 Head Penny Picture$10.00010/6/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryAbbott's Chinese Coins Picture$45.00710/6/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryCoin and Brass Vase - Netherlands Picture$101.991210/6/2019 7:29:00 PM
StandardGalleryVanishing and Reappearing Liquid - Germany Picture$30.00110/6/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGallery1994 1st Edition Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard Picture Reserve Met$140.00810/6/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGallerySet of the Phoenix 6 Volumes Reserve Met$120.001210/6/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryDRGM Germany Pre-WW2 Mechanical Matchbox Prank of Metal Picture$25.00110/6/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 Scarne On Dice by Scarne and Rawson Picture$25.00110/6/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L 1930 Model Table Hallmarked 32" High Picture$155.001610/6/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryLarge Size Double Locking Card Box Picture Reserve Not Met$130.00510/6/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGalleryPrint 7 of 10 only Wizard and Floating Wand Picture$10.00110/6/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 Scarne On Cards Picture$10.00010/6/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGalleryRice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volumes 1/2/3 Picture$78.00510/6/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGalleryJohn Calvert And Adventures Around The World Picture$16.50310/6/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGalleryRose's Ultimate Prediction Bottle Deluxe Case Picture Reserve Met$120.001010/6/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 Early Vernon-The Magic of Dai Vernon in 1932$21.00510/6/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGalleryOwens Hank Slash Frame Picture$50.00010/6/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Wild Card Miracles Frank Garcia 1st Ed Picture$18.00310/6/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 1st Edition Modern Coin Magic-Ultimate on Coin Work Picture$20.00410/6/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagic Picture Frame - Netherlands Picture$15.00210/6/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 Annemann's Practical Mental Effects Picture$18.00810/6/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Rice Bowls in Metal Picture$10.00110/6/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 The Performance of Close-Up Magic by Eugene Burger Picture$20.00110/6/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGallery1964 13 Steps To Mentalism Picture$11.00210/6/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryAlbo Original Classic Magic Series with Index Plus Reserve Not Met$1,750.001010/6/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryR.B. Golden Key Picture$30.00510/6/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGalleryEuropean Drum Head Tube 4" Size Picture$20.00110/6/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryMore Magic Professor Hoffmann Picture$35.00210/6/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGallery1975 The Handbook Of Mental Magic-Lots of Info-HB Picture$15.00210/6/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryTarbell Course in Magic Volumes 1 thru 8-Invaluable teaching Reserve Met$179.00810/6/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryBluff Watch Davenport’s Great Britain-Very Scarce Picture$270.001910/6/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeauty Canary Cage Picture Reserve Met$95.00610/6/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryOriginal Early Thayer Thimbles Picture$52.00110/6/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Bottle Picture$90.00810/6/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGallery1993/1994 Illusionworks 1 and 2 - Rand Woodbury Picture$55.00710/6/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L Passe Passe Bottles Small Size Hallmarked Picture$50.00110/6/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 1st Edition Ibidem Volume 1$25.00010/6/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1975 Afterthoughts - Harry Lorayne$21.00210/6/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeggar Coins Picture$42.50210/6/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagiros Munzen - Wanderung  Reserve Met$205.001410/6/2019 7:08:00 PM
StandardGalleryCigarette Vanishing Tube - Cigarette To Match Picture$15.00010/6/2019 7:07:00 PM
StandardGalleryKenard's Nu-Die Mystery Picture$10.00110/6/2019 7:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryOriginal Morgan Match To Flower Picture$15.00110/6/2019 7:05:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 Tenyo T-110 Zig Zag Cig Plus Picture$10.00110/6/2019 7:03:00 PM
StandardGalleryVintage Switching Basket or Flower Production - Scarce Picture$217.001310/6/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1897 New Era Card Tricks Roterberg 1st Ed Picture$25.00210/6/2019 7:02:00 PM
StandardGallerySpirit Dice (Color Cube) - By Magiro - Circa 1986 - Germany Picture Reserve Met$141.00410/6/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGallery1940 Expert Card Technique Hugard & Braue 1st Ed Picture$20.00110/6/2019 7:01:00 PM
StandardGalleryMysto Vanish Card Frame Joe Berg Picture Reserve Met$220.00810/6/2019 7:00:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Bottle Picture$25.00010/4/2019 12:21:06 AM
StandardGalleryHarakhan Shooting Wand - Japan$63.50128/25/2019 8:57:00 PM
StandardGalleryJumbo Card Rise - Fenichel Picture$81.50118/25/2019 8:56:00 PM
StandardGalleryAbbotts Suckerette - Custom Size Picture$140.00208/25/2019 8:50:00 PM
StandardGalleryWonder Clock In Metal - Germany$37.5048/25/2019 8:48:00 PM
StandardGallery Coin Or Other Casket In Brass - Clever and Easy to Perform Reserve Met$75.9938/25/2019 8:41:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Pea Can - Great Britain$36.0058/25/2019 8:39:00 PM
StandardGalleryDice Tunnel - Micro Magic Picture$203.00188/25/2019 5:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Lighting Candle-Rare Original-1 of only 3 ever made Picture$200.0098/25/2019 4:56:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Rising Cards$215.00188/25/2019 4:55:00 PM
StandardGalleryPrint Woodland Scene Of Cups & Balls Limited Numbered$20.0018/25/2019 4:54:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi's Magnificent Key Chest$401.00138/25/2019 4:53:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1950's Mini Reilly's Rising Cards - Scarce$60.50148/25/2019 4:51:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 1st Ed David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries Numbered Ed Picture$73.00148/25/2019 4:50:00 PM
StandardGallery1994 Harkey's Pocket Cache - Special Money Clip Picture$31.0038/25/2019 4:49:00 PM
StandardGallery1995 John Cornelius Perfect Pocket Trick$20.0008/25/2019 4:46:00 PM
StandardGallery1980 Ricardos Fantastic Silver Cube Picture$20.0078/25/2019 4:46:00 PM
StandardGalleryPrint 7 of 10 only Wizard and Floating Wand Reserve Not Met$10.0008/25/2019 4:43:00 PM
StandardGallery6' Dragon Silk Black w/Red Border Reserve Not Met$75.0058/25/2019 4:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryDelben Magic Blotter Picture$95.00108/25/2019 4:41:00 PM
StandardGalleryComedy Funnel in Metal with Instructions Picture$10.0018/25/2019 4:40:00 PM
StandardGalleryPipe Of Wu Fang - Chinese Sticks & Cords - Scarce Picture$35.0078/25/2019 4:40:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly European Tambourine Style Production Picture$12.0028/25/2019 4:39:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Rarebit Pan Picture$39.0038/25/2019 4:38:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Walking Table$200.0068/25/2019 4:37:00 PM
StandardGalleryFearson Amagazing The Amazing Magazine Test Picture$10.0018/25/2019 4:37:00 PM
StandardGallerySucker Sliding Card Cabinet - Netherlands Picture$12.0038/25/2019 4:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryPocket Chop Cup$22.0058/25/2019 4:34:00 PM
StandardGallery1993/1994 Illusionworks 1 and 2 - Rand Woodbury Picture Reserve Not Met$33.0048/25/2019 4:33:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Curious Carillon - Italy Picture$28.5028/25/2019 4:32:00 PM
StandardGalleryVintage Print-The Light Of Other Days-Cups-Over 100 Years Picture$100.0098/25/2019 4:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryThayers "Dr. Q." Mechanical Spirit Slates Picture$77.50118/25/2019 4:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryGrants Presto Clock Varient Picture$21.0038/25/2019 4:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryMcComb's Magic 25 Years Wiser Billy McComb Picture$30.0048/25/2019 4:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1947 Gems of Mental Magic - John Brown Cook & Arthur Buckley Picture$14.0048/25/2019 4:22:00 PM
StandardGallery2000 Dai Vernon's Tribute To Nate Leipzig Picture$25.0018/25/2019 4:21:00 PM
StandardGallerySilray Black & White Block Trick - Scotland Picture$37.5048/25/2019 4:20:00 PM
StandardGallery1980 Modern Coin Magic J.B. Bobo Picture$20.0018/25/2019 4:19:00 PM
StandardGalleryPhantom Coin Producer Davenports London Picture$13.0038/25/2019 4:18:00 PM
StandardGallery1978 Tricks-Toshio Akanuma's Color Rhapsody (Record Type)$16.0028/25/2019 4:17:00 PM
StandardGalleryChop Cups and Balls Combination Set Picture$31.0058/25/2019 4:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryRare Tenyo Special Method Cigarette Vanisher Picture Reserve Not Met$11.0028/25/2019 4:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Adams Steel Ball and Tube - In Original Box Picture$15.0038/25/2019 4:14:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 The Charlatan's Handbook by Sid Fleischman$32.5098/25/2019 4:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryAdams Color Vision Picture$10.0018/25/2019 4:13:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagic Clock Z.T. Haug W. Germany Picture$30.0068/25/2019 4:12:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L 4 Copper Cups Set Hallmarked Picture$111.0028/25/2019 4:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Water Vases-An Unbelievable Production Of Water Picture$32.0068/25/2019 4:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryTerry Seabrooke Style Wallet Picture$16.0048/25/2019 4:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 Encyclopedia Of Suspensions And Levitations$130.00128/25/2019 4:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 1st Edition Okito On Magic by Bamberg and Parrish$45.00208/25/2019 4:08:00 PM
StandardGalleryProduction Flag Staff 5' Length Picture$85.0048/25/2019 4:08:00 PM
StandardGalleryOriental Rice Bowls In Copper with Extra Bowl Picture$43.0058/25/2019 4:07:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1930's Thayer's Changing Card Tray$40.0048/25/2019 4:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryRose's Ultimate Prediction Bottle Deluxe Case Reserve Not Met$65.0048/25/2019 4:05:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Rice Bowls in Metal$10.0008/25/2019 4:04:00 PM
StandardGalleryPhantom Tube - Early P&L - Medium$27.5078/25/2019 4:03:00 PM
StandardGalleryRing Flight Paul Diamond Reel$27.5028/25/2019 4:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 - 100 Years Of Magic Posters – Reynolds Picture$25.0028/25/2019 3:59:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 Marvels of Mystery by John Booth Picture$10.0028/25/2019 3:58:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe John Booth Classics - Great Britain Picture$21.0028/25/2019 3:57:00 PM
StandardGallery1921 T. Nelson Downs The Art Of Magic Picture$28.0028/25/2019 3:56:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Bill Tube$18.0098/25/2019 3:55:00 PM
StandardGallery1929 Magic From Below by Charles Waller Picture$20.0018/25/2019 3:55:00 PM
StandardGallery1994 Close-Up Magic of Aldo Colombini 1st Ed Picture$30.0018/25/2019 3:54:00 PM
StandardGallery1967 Deck-Sterity Harry Lorayne 1st Edition Picture$10.0018/25/2019 3:53:00 PM
StandardGallery1966 1st Edition Slydini Encores Picture$26.0048/25/2019 3:52:00 PM
StandardGallery1941 Highlight Magic Ben Berger Picture$5.0018/25/2019 3:51:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 1st Edition Modern Coin Magic-Ultimate on Coin Work$25.0008/25/2019 3:48:00 PM
StandardGallery1945 Robert Nelson Encyclopedia Of Mentalism & Allied Arts$21.0028/25/2019 3:47:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 First Edition Al Schneider On Zombie$25.0018/25/2019 3:46:00 PM
StandardGallery1961 Professional Card Magic - Cliff Green$53.0088/25/2019 3:45:00 PM
StandardGalleryTheo Timmerman Auto Test - First Rate Mentalism-Netherlands Reserve Not Met$81.79118/25/2019 3:44:00 PM
StandardGalleryA Floating Ball Set Up With Case$15.0048/25/2019 3:43:00 PM
StandardGallery1992 Card Finesse II Notes On the Work Racherbaumer$25.0018/25/2019 3:43:00 PM
StandardGallery1992 Conjurians' Discoveries - John Booth$25.0018/25/2019 3:42:00 PM
StandardGallery1986 Wonders Of Magic - John Booth$25.0018/25/2019 3:41:00 PM
StandardGallery1955 Dr. Stanley S. Jaks The Words Of Jaks$55.0068/25/2019 3:41:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Wild Card Miracles Frank Garcia 1st Ed$25.0008/25/2019 3:40:00 PM
StandardGallery1921 1st Edition Trix & Chatter by Dorny$15.0028/25/2019 3:39:00 PM
StandardGallery1932 Quicker Than The Eye The Magic & Magicians of the World$10.0018/25/2019 3:37:00 PM
StandardGallery1940 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Jean Hugard$10.0018/25/2019 3:36:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 Kalish Locking Ball & Tube$60.50118/25/2019 3:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryThayer Catalog Instruction Sheets Volume 1/2/3/4 Picture Reserve Met$105.00118/25/2019 3:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryCordial Glass Liquid Appearance$55.0088/25/2019 3:32:00 PM
StandardGalleryImpossible Visual Penetration Plates$48.7978/25/2019 3:31:00 PM
StandardGalleryModern Fire Bowl To Flowers - Early Abbott's Picture$25.0018/25/2019 3:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryRoydons Spooky Spots$86.0038/25/2019 3:29:00 PM
StandardGalleryOkito Impossible Lit Cigarette Vanish$13.0048/25/2019 3:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryEd Massey Squeeze Away Block Reserve Met$126.00128/25/2019 3:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Rings N Things Okito Coin Box$16.0038/25/2019 3:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L 1930 Model Table Hallmarked 32" High Reserve Not Met$60.0038/25/2019 3:27:00 PM
StandardGalleryOriginal Early Thayer Thimbles Picture Reserve Not Met$75.0088/25/2019 3:26:00 PM
StandardGalleryAppearing Bird Cage Picture$43.0038/25/2019 3:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1999 1st Edition The Magic of Milt Kort by Stephen Minch$35.5088/25/2019 3:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 Mind Myth & Magick by T.A. Waters 1st Ed$99.00138/25/2019 3:24:00 PM
StandardGallery1945 Copper Silver Set$40.0038/25/2019 3:24:00 PM
StandardGalleryWand With A Twist$51.0098/25/2019 3:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryRobert Nelson Improved 3 Way Telomatic Deck$52.5038/25/2019 3:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryComedy Cup & Saucer$50.0078/25/2019 3:22:00 PM
StandardGalleryCollectors Workshop Marlin Coin Cups Picture Reserve Not Met$75.0078/25/2019 3:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 Very Scarce-Tenyo Super Close Up Collection Reserve Met$750.00168/25/2019 3:21:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeautiful Early Tayade Enlarging Thimble$48.0038/25/2019 3:20:00 PM
StandardGalleryLarge Size Double Locking Card Box Picture Reserve Not Met$211.00138/25/2019 3:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1970 Original Magic Of Robert Harbin$950.00208/25/2019 3:18:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L Passe Passe Bottles Small Size Hallmarked Picture Reserve Not Met$35.0038/25/2019 3:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryJumbo Bicycle Mental Pictoria Deck$51.0038/25/2019 3:14:00 PM
StandardGallery1985 Coinmagic$16.0048/25/2019 3:13:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Art of Close-Up Magic-Lewis Ganson-Volume 1 & Volume 2$42.0058/25/2019 3:12:00 PM
StandardGallerySandwich Watch$35.0048/25/2019 3:12:00 PM
StandardGallery1979 Dunninger's Book of Magic$6.0028/25/2019 3:11:00 PM
StandardGallerySilk To Watch$46.00118/25/2019 3:11:00 PM
StandardGalleryRice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volumes 1/2/3 Reserve Not Met$65.0038/25/2019 3:10:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Jinx Volumes 1-151 in 3 Volumes$140.0088/25/2019 3:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1995 Tenyo T-173 Eye of the Idol The Easter Island Mystery$100.5058/25/2019 3:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 Vanishing Ring Thing$27.5028/25/2019 3:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 Effective Card Magic by Bill Simon 1st Ed$25.0018/25/2019 3:09:00 PM
StandardGallery1940 Expert Card Technique Hugard & Braue 1st Ed$15.0018/25/2019 3:08:00 PM
StandardGallery1985 Magic of Hofzinser Translator Richard Hatch$57.5058/25/2019 3:07:00 PM
StandardGallery1977/1980 Shigeo Takagi One Cup And New One Cup Routine Reserve Met$130.00118/25/2019 3:07:00 PM
StandardGallery1982 Johnny Thompson Coin In Bottle Plus$20.0018/25/2019 3:06:00 PM
StandardGallery1941 HB 1st Edition Reel Magic by Albenice Picture$15.0028/25/2019 3:06:00 PM
StandardGalleryAl Baker's Mental Magic Thirty Effects$14.0018/25/2019 3:05:00 PM
StandardGallery1982 Linking Razor Blades Petrick$15.0028/25/2019 3:04:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 El Duco Close Up Ring Routine$53.0098/25/2019 3:03:00 PM
StandardGallery1946 1st Edition Card Control Arthur Buckley$25.0018/25/2019 3:03:00 PM
StandardGallery1958 This Is Magic - Will Dexter$6.0028/25/2019 3:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1931 Anneman Book Without A Name 1st Edition Picture$37.5078/25/2019 3:01:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 Very Scarce-Tenyo The Penultimate Coin Box Collection Picture Reserve Met$2,000.0068/25/2019 3:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1985 First Edition Slipcase David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Picture$98.00267/24/2019 9:40:00 PM
StandardGallery1988 The Magic Castle Walls Of Fame$38.00107/24/2019 8:41:00 PM
StandardGalleryResor Super Cigarette Catcher Picture$100.00157/24/2019 8:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1996 The Books of Wonder Volumes 1 & 2 Picture$58.5047/24/2019 8:08:00 PM
StandardGallery1999 Malini And His Magic by Dai Vernon Picture$17.9527/24/2019 8:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1991 The Magic of Michael Ammar Picture$23.0047/24/2019 8:02:00 PM
StandardGallery1981 Oriental Conjuring And Magic By Will Ayling Picture$22.0017/24/2019 8:01:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagic With Faucett Ross Picture$20.0017/24/2019 8:00:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 Rim Shots by Harry Lorayne Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:59:00 PM
StandardGallery1990 1st Ed. The Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:57:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 Arno Edition of 1897 Magic by Albert A. Hopkins Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:56:00 PM
StandardGalleryDunninger's Complete Encyclopedia Of Magic Picture$15.0017/24/2019 7:55:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 The Illustrated History of Magic Milbourne Christopher Picture$25.0017/24/2019 7:54:00 PM
StandardGallery1997 The Coney Island Fakir Magical Life Of Al Flosso Picture$16.0027/24/2019 7:54:00 PM
StandardGalleryDai Vernon's Tribute To Nate Leipzig Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:53:00 PM
StandardGalleryAnverdi Spirit Bell Picture$58.0057/24/2019 7:52:00 PM
StandardGalleryCage Canister Picture Reserve Met$85.0087/24/2019 7:51:00 PM
StandardGallery1987 The Performance of Close-Up Magic by Eugene Burger Picture$25.0007/24/2019 7:51:00 PM
StandardGallery1989 The Secrets Of Brother John Hamman 1st Ed Picture$25.0017/24/2019 7:49:00 PM
StandardGallery1994 1st Edition Greater Magic by John Northern Hilliard Reserve Not Met$76.00107/24/2019 7:49:00 PM
StandardGallery2001 The Complete Jarrett Picture$37.0037/24/2019 7:48:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 1st Edition The Card Magic of Edward Marlo  Picture$21.0027/24/2019 7:47:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic$13.0047/24/2019 7:47:00 PM
StandardGallery1977 The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne Picture$11.0027/24/2019 7:46:00 PM
StandardGallery1976 1st Edition - 100 Years Of Magic Posters – Reynolds$38.0037/24/2019 7:46:00 PM
StandardGallery1947 Magic With Small Apparatus Vol 1 Dhotel-Fleming Series$30.5047/24/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallery1979 Another Book Karrell Fox Picture$17.0017/24/2019 7:45:00 PM
StandardGallery1993 Ibidem Volume 1 Picture$25.0007/24/2019 7:43:00 PM
StandardGallery1954 100 Houdini Tricks You Can Do by Dunninger$10.0007/24/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryAntique Conradi Fire Bowl Picture$45.0077/24/2019 7:42:00 PM
StandardGalleryDisecto Illusion Picture$58.0097/24/2019 7:41:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Candy Vase Picture$24.0057/24/2019 7:40:00 PM
StandardGallery1st Edition Dai Vernon Book of Magic Picture$70.0057/24/2019 7:40:00 PM
StandardGalleryMerv Taylor Copper Dove Pan Picture Reserve Not Met$57.50107/24/2019 7:40:00 PM
StandardGallery1975 The Royal Road To Card Magic$11.0027/24/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGalleryStage Size Shenanigan Die Box Picture Reserve Met$200.00157/24/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGalleryChapeaugraphy Ring Of Felt Picture$30.0027/24/2019 7:39:00 PM
StandardGalleryImproved Last Card Picture$35.0037/24/2019 7:38:00 PM
StandardGallery1989 Find The Stuff That's You! - Chris Carey$10.0007/24/2019 7:38:00 PM
StandardGalleryBob Kline Cardell 1 of 12 Made Picture$35.5047/24/2019 7:37:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 Early Vernon-The Magic of Dai Vernon in 1932$7.0027/24/2019 7:37:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L Copper Brahman Rice Bowls Picture$42.5047/24/2019 7:36:00 PM
StandardGallery1957 Adams Multiplying Money Tray Picture$5.0017/24/2019 7:35:00 PM
StandardGalleryImperial Hippy Hop Rabbits 19" High Picture$82.1347/24/2019 7:34:00 PM
StandardGallery1962 Frank Garcia Marked Cards and Loaded Dice$25.0037/24/2019 7:34:00 PM
StandardGalleryAbbotts Sand and Sugar Canisters Picture$90.0077/24/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery 1956 Bruce Elliott The Best In Magic$11.8917/24/2019 7:33:00 PM
StandardGallery1971 1st Edition - Harry Lorayne - Reputation Makers$15.0017/24/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGallery1953 Classic Secrets Of Magic - Bruce Elliott$10.0007/24/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGallery1981/1992 Jack Hughes World Of Magic Set (2 Volumes) Picture Reserve Met$100.00127/24/2019 7:32:00 PM
StandardGalleryFoo Lota Pitcher Picture$28.0057/24/2019 7:31:00 PM
StandardGallery1927 1st Edition 200 More Tricks You Can Do-Howard Thurston$10.0017/24/2019 7:31:00 PM
StandardGallery1973 Super Subtle Card Miracles by Frank Garcia$36.5057/24/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGallery1948 The Card Expert Entertains - Dariel Fitzkee$10.0017/24/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGalleryMechanical Box For Switching Folded Card Picture$100.0027/24/2019 7:30:00 PM
StandardGallery1972 Scarce RNT Brass Okito Box Picture$45.0047/24/2019 7:29:00 PM
StandardGallery1948 1st Edition The Fine Art of Magic-George Kaplan$30.0047/24/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryEuropean Goblin Tube Picture$15.0007/24/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryMikame Jumbo Rising Cards Picture$52.0057/24/2019 7:28:00 PM
StandardGalleryP&L Bottles Hallmarked Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:27:00 PM
StandardGallery1968 Great Magic Shows-Arnold Furst-Autographed$10.0017/24/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery21 Cent Trick with Buffalo Nickel Mercury Dime Picture$40.0057/24/2019 7:26:00 PM
StandardGallery1957 Famous Magicians of The World-Arnold Furst-Autographed$10.0017/24/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGallery1940 Dime & Penny with Mercury Dime Picture$16.0037/24/2019 7:25:00 PM
StandardGallery1996 1st Ed-The Feints And Temps Of Harry Riser-Autographed Picture$25.0047/24/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1940's Wiz Blox and Tube-Bakelite Blocks Picture$25.0017/24/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGalleryTarbell Course in Magic Volumes 1 thru 8-Invaluable teaching Reserve Not Met$75.0057/24/2019 7:24:00 PM
StandardGalleryMagic of The Mind - Lewis Ganson - Stanley Edition$15.0017/24/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryComedy Gun Picture$51.0027/24/2019 7:23:00 PM
StandardGalleryBeauty Canary Cage Picture Reserve Not Met$65.5537/24/2019 7:22:00 PM
StandardGallery1964 13 Steps To Mentalism$10.0007/24/2019 7:21:00 PM
StandardGallery Circa 1950's Handkerchief Cassette$62.00107/24/2019 7:20:00 PM
StandardGallery1951 Scarne's Magic Tricks 1st Ed$25.0017/24/2019 7:19:00 PM
StandardGallery1952 Scarne On Dice by Scarne and Rawson Picture$10.0007/24/2019 7:18:00 PM
StandardGallery1949 Scarne On Cards Picture$10.0007/24/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGallery1980 Tenyo T-105 Tunnel Of Darkness Picture$66.9947/24/2019 7:17:00 PM
StandardGallery1956 The Amazing World Of John Scarne 1st Ed$20.0017/24/2019 7:16:00 PM
StandardGalleryABC Blocks Picture$25.0017/24/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGallery1950 Scarne On Card Tricks Picture$10.0017/24/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryThe Rarebit Pan$60.0087/24/2019 7:15:00 PM
StandardGalleryEarly Tannen Little Gem Die Box$246.60117/24/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1919 Deceptive Conceptions In Magic Stanley Collins Picture$15.0017/24/2019 7:14:00 PM
StandardGalleryCirca 1915 Original Magical Creations Stanley Collins Picture$15.0017/24/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallerySteel Ball Through Houdini Kellar Thurston Coin$24.0047/24/2019 7:13:00 PM
StandardGallery1922 Thurston Theatre Progam$20.0017/24/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGallery1979 The Great Illusionists Edwin A. Dawes 1st Ed Picture$20.0017/24/2019 7:12:00 PM
StandardGalleryBrema Mechanical Rice or Confetti Bowls-Very Scarce Reserve Met$155.0067/24/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGallery1975 Afterthoughts - Harry Lorayne Picture$20.0007/24/2019 7:11:00 PM
StandardGallery1991/1994 The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley Volume I & II Picture Reserve Met$110.0077/24/2019 7:10:00 PM
StandardGallery1955 Enardoe Mystery Paddle$15.0017/24/2019 7:09:00 PM
StandardGalleryDai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic Ganson Picture$15.0017/24/2019 7:09:00 PM

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