Circa 1970's Rings N Things Mini NM Chop Cup
Circa 1970's Rings N Things Mini NM Chop Cup, This is a seldom seen miniature chop cup produced one time only by Rings N Things standing only 1 3/4 inches high with an inside mouth diameter of 1 9/16 inches. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Apparatus Auction page.
Tayade Silk In Bottle
1960's Tayade Silk In Bottle with Original Bottle and More, This is one of the original beauties from the 1960's, made of wood and beautifully hand decorated and lacquered having a unique design that sets it apart from other apparatus. With this comes the original coke bottle and the coke bottle cap is stamped Bombay Calcutta. Also included are 2 Rice Silk King Studio Silks in yellow and a P&L Pull for the vanish of the silk. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Apparatus Auction page.
Deluxe Autographed Collector's Ed. World's Greatest Magic
Deluxe Autographed Collector's Ed. World's Greatest Magic, Hyla Clark. 1976, Hard bound with Gilt stamping, 208 pages with many photos and illustrations from the past. This is a very special edition as it was made as a Collectors' Edition Numbered and Specially Bound having the Signatures of the then living Professionals within. One of the absolute best Autograph books to have as the list of signatures reads like a who's who of magic. The names include *Tomsoni *Siegfried & Roy *Dai Vernon *Shimada *David Copperfield *Slydini *Derek Dingle *Doug Henning *Al Goshman *Richard Ross *Kreskin *Channing Pollock *Mr. Electric *Johnny Paul *Maurice Fogel *Mark Wilson *Dick & Diana Zimmerman *Norm Nielsen *Randi *Flip *Glenn Falkenstein *Carl Ballantine. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Auction Books and Periodicals page.
August Roterberg Token 37.5 MM
August Roterberg Token 37.5 MM, In nickel Silver and one of the more ornate tokens for a collection. For more about this and many other goodies visit our Auction Memorabilia, Ephemera and Posters page.
1877 The Traveling Magician Egyptian Hall Museum, Of the many great images of the performance of magic we enjoy today, whether in the form of colorful lithograph posters, photographs or the artful design in fine apparatus and other statuary The Traveling Magician has no equal by its romantic and classic depiction of a bygone era. Not all that many exist from the time of its release some 133 years ago and the ones that do reside in collections as a centerpiece and a matter of pride in possession. This particular Traveling Magician has special significance as it sat on display off to the side in the magnificent collection of David & Virginia Price, known all over the world as Egyptian Hall Museum with numbering label still affixed to the base at the back of the piece. For more about this visit our Auction page.
Original Anverdi Rising Cards
Original Anverdi Rising Cards, After the performer places a jumbo deck of cards in this clear houlette of plex he walks away and standing several feet away commands cards to rise up out of the deck having complete control at all times. This is one of the more popular Anverdi items and a very magical effect indeed For more about this visit our Auction page.
P and L Original Goblin Tip and Two Silks, In metal along with 1 red and 1 green silk both 9" in size. For more about this visit our Auction page.
Original Loyd's Bamboo Wands Scarce
Original Loyd's Bamboo Wands Scarce, Seldom do you see a nice set of these wands come along from Loyd and this set in a lined wooden case. One end tip that closes the bamboo appears to have had a break and glued. These wands function really fine and an extra tassel is included. Measures 12 3/4" with a 1" diameter. Includes 2 pages of instructions with Loyd storyline. A scarce hard to find Loyd item from circa 1940. For more about this visit our Auction page.

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